Our Lodge

Local Old Boys of Warwick School who were freemasons, were circulated in the 70s and 80s to attend local Masonic lodges whenever an OW was involved in taking some part in the ceremony, such as an initiation or installation for example. We had a regular group of around twenty members who attended such meetings. Discussions took place on these occasions about the possibility of forming our own school lodge. The Provincial Grand Master, at the time, Rt Rev Vernon Nicholls, was very keen and gave his full support. Sufficient members were forthcoming as founders, Greville Lodge. Warwick No. 4773 offered to sponsor us and the name of the lodge and banner design were approved by Grand Lodge. The governors of Warwick School had given their approval for the use of the school crest in the banner design, which was produced in Pakistan and the banner worked by the wife of one of the founders, Mrs Kate Bailey.

The lodge was consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master in Birmingham on 7th July 1989.
The meeting dates for the lodge were chosen to coincide as far as possible with dates when the Old Boys or the school were involved in annual events, so that other OW freemasons could attend our meetings.

These days, Schola Warwicensis Lodge holds its meetings at Alderson House in Warwick. Built in around 1695, it is an extremely attractive venue with fantastic dining facilities and a bar.


2019/2020 Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master: W Bro P Rothwell

Senior Warden: W Bro G R Venn P Prov S G W

Junior Warden: W Bro A  Dawkes

Immediate Past Master: W Bro R. G. Wyatt P Prov. J G W

Chaplain: W Bro L H Rose P Prov S G W

Treasurer: W Bro M.L Harwood P Prov A.G D C

Secretary: W Bro S J Wall P Prov J G D

D C: W Bro S J Wall P Prov J G D

Almoner: W Bro D A Parsons P Prov J G W

Charity Steward: W Bro A W Page P Prov G Reg

Senior Deacon: W Bro R. C. T. Beech P. Prov J G W

Junior Deacon:  W Bro S P Butler P Prov G Std B

Organist: W Bro A G Martin P Prov J.G.W

Assistant Secretary: W Bro P H E Bailey P.A G.D.C

Inner Guard: Bro E Hambleton

A D C: W Bro A P Wright P Prov J G W Prov G Treasurer

Steward: Bro E Hambleton

Tyler: W Bro R C King  P Prov J G W